Taunton Sports Club Soccer

Taunton Sports Club, Inc.(TSC) is a non-profit organization established in 1959 with the goal to promote healthy lifestyles through sporting activities such as soccer as well as maintaining social and cultural activities for the Portuguese-American community in the Greater Taunton area.

The membership is very proud of the organization’s accomplishments throughout the years, including its involvement with youth sports, partnerships with other non-profit organizations to raise funds for important causes and the continued efforts to incorporate social, cultural and educational agendas in its daily activities.

TSC provides a range of talented and experienced coaches who all have a passion to help our players improve their skills and excel at playing the game. What these coaches bring to our club sets us apart from others, whether they’re dads helping out, played in high school, collegiate or professional level, they all guide and teach the team players a level of respect for all players and a love for the game.

TSC is proud to share that we’ve had semi-pro and youth soccer teams participated in the Luso-American Soccer Association (LASA) when pre-MLS LASA was arguably the top soccer league on the east coast with former top professionals playing in that league from Portugal, Brazil, Scotland, Hungary and more.

It’s our coaches, parents, team players and the members of the Taunton Sports Club that have made this program successful.

We have a men’s league, boys Crusaders, and girls Sparks leagues. We are always looking to sponsor news teams. Meet some of our teams and coaches.